What do we offer at Grove Partnerships?

With more pressure from citizens to provide the ultimate experience in an easy, swift and joyous way insight has never been more important. Technology and big data cannot replace the depth of knowledge provided by carefully crafted research programs nor objective, seasoned mystery shoppers and auditors who populate our knowledge banks. This is how we can help:

Market Research solutions including - Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, Mystery Shopping and Compliance Auditing programs and with full advice from start to finish.
Qualitative Research including in-person and on-line focus groups plus in-person and remote In-Depth Interviews
Consulting services - we will provide relevant and actionable insights that will guide both strategic and tactical initiatives – relevant for both the C Suite and front-line staff.
Hourly mentoring sessions for anyone involved in delivering or using market research, mystery shopping and auditing programs
Workshops to ensure you craft the best design for your research programs (in depth Discovery Sessions) and how to action results once fieldwork is complete (Insight to Action)

Fact: “Virtually all leaders believe that to stay competitive, their enterprises must learn and improve every day. But even companies revered for their dedication to continuous learning find it difficult to always practice what they preach.”

Source: Harvard Business Review, November 2015